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Art Journaling

The Concept

Think of an art journal as a kind of playroom. It is a place where you can go to experiment, make a mess, grow, learn, and then close the door, picking up again just where you left off next time. Then again, you can also start something brand new. It is all up to you. There are no rules, no expectations; it's a place to practice and grow as an artist. Mostly, it is the place to bring back the fun in making art. It is a place to practice various art techniques and use different materials.

The Materials

Any book will work, even one with text because you will be painting over it. If you will be using a variety of paints, then a mixed media journal will work well. However, if you prefer to use a book with thinner paper, that is fine too. Just prime each page with gesso to create a surface perfect for mixed media.

Next, break out your paints, pencils, pens, markers, stamps, stencils, pastels, and papers. Practice using them all on one page, or practice one technique at a time, and enjoy flipping back to see your progress.

The Skills and Reference

Doodling, line-making, practicing brushstrokes, and color mixing will help you build your skills through practice and will also become a handy reference guide. You will soon be able to look back and see the combinations of colors and techniques that you like best and apply those to bigger works of art.

The Bonus

The bonus is that Art Journaling is totally portable. You can easily keep a small sketchbook and pencil in your car or bag, but it is almost as easy to throw in some colorful pens or pencils or even a small watercolor set. Why not sneak in some art throughout the day as you find yourself running errands, waiting for an appointment, or out for a walk? Include some reference photos or sketch what is in front of you.

More Inspiration

Let us help you get started with Art Journaling!

Join us for a two-hour workshop and see how fun it is to experiment with mixed media techniques. You will leave with your own journal, ready to be filled with vibrant, expressive paintings.

Wednesday October 25 6-8pm



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