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12 Crafts in 12 Months - A Free Crafting Club

Practice a new craft each month. Take a break from the chaos of day to day, unlock your untapped creativity, and find a passion in something new.

It easy to lose touch with our innate creativity and the joy that artistic expression can bring. If you yearn for a meaningful break or like me, love to create but bounce from one craft to another, or maybe just love to make but haven't found the right medium yet, now is the time!

Let's do this!

Choose a Craft for September: What will you pick? Is there something that you have always wanted to try? Something you've put down and want to get back to? Here are some ideas - embroidery, weaving, stencils, stamping, beading, macrame, print making, writing, scrapbooking, experimenting with polymer clay, painting and collage.

Try it once, Practice Daily or Anything in Between: The point is to bring something into your life that fosters personal growth, relieves stress and provides a sense of accomplishment. So with that in mind, plan to enjoy your craft of the month based on your own needs and what works best for you. There are no rules

Be Part of a Supportive Community: Bring your craft to an open studio if you are local or join our facebook group and share with us there. I will also be sharing photos on instagram.

Grab your supplies and get excited. I can not wait to hear what your September craft will be!



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