Supply Kits

Get Creative-Color Palette Inspiration

Once you register for Get Creative - Color Palette Inspiration, you will need all of the supplies, tools and instructions necessary to create the beautiful, weekly projects that you will learn to make in the class. We have designed kits for each chapter of the class. When you purchase your palette, you are purchasing 4 kits. You will receive a kit filled with supplies for needle felting, weaving, paper art, and embroidery. 

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Heading 2

Heading 2







-24 Felted Balls

-Garland Twine

-Merino Wool Roving

-Felting Pad

-Felting Needles

-Finger Protectors

-Written Instruction

-Tapestry Needle 

Embroidery Set

-2 Hoops 




-Transfer Paper

-Tracing Tool