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Painting Cosmos Kit

Bring Life to Your Art and Create with Ease Painting Cosmos with Crayon, Ink and Stencils

Create a fun, showy bunch of Cosmos flowers using water-soluble crayons and a stencil. Cosmos are like a cross between a daisy and a zinnia, and there are 30 species of the flower. You'll find them in colors ranging from vibrant pink/purple to delicate whites with magenta fringe. Once you learn the technique, you'll want to dress up greeting cards, gift tags and art journal pages with Cosmos.

About the Artist

Jennifer Evans is a mixed media artist and the owner of Periwinkle Art Studio in Lake Villa, Illinois. She has created this class for you and has designed the stencils that are included in the kit. It is her strongly-held belief that art provides benefits for all of us, beyond being a mere hobby. Creativity is easily accessible, and there is a never-ending well inside all of us. Art brings joy, expresses emotion, offers brain boosting benefits, and a host of other positive results -- and it's FUN!

You will learn to:

  • Use a designer stencil to set your design ​

  • ​Work with crayon and acrylic ink to create your composition

What's Included:

-Instructional Video

-Cosmos Stencil

-Aquabord Panel

-2 Neocolor Crayons

-1 Flat Brush

-Acrylic Ink

-Palette Tray

-Watercolor Paper

We want you to feel success!

Often the difference between a frustrating experience and a rewarding one is the quality

of materials that are used. With that in mind, we curate each kit with only the tools and supplies that we enjoy using ourselves.

Everything is done for you so you don't have to worry about buying the wrong

things or not finding

what you need.


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