Fresh and Crisp Paper Collage Kit Class

Your Choice of
Apples or Pears

Make Beautiful Art    
No Painting or Drawing
Skills Required 

Paper Collage Kit Class 
by artist, Laurie Engdahl

2 Paper Collage Projects in One Kit

Learn how to Cut and Layer Colorful Patterns of Paper

Use Designer Templates to Create the Perfect Still Life for Your Kitchen or Dining Room 


Enjoy Making With These Carefully Curated High Quality, Silk-Screened, Solid and Patterned Papers

Keep Them Both or Share One Make With A Friend

Everything You Need, All in One Box, Including a Link to Video Instructions


Did you ever become lost in the art of scrapbooking?

Do you love color and patterns and texture? Have you wanted to explore mixed media?


Then this kit is for you!


We want you to feel success!

Often the difference between a frustrating experience and a rewarding one is the quality of materials that are used. With that in mind, we curate each kit with only the tools and supplies that we enjoy using ourselves.

Everything is done for you so you don't have to worry about buying the wrong things or not finding

what you need. 

What's Included...

  •  A Generous Selection of Solid                            and Patterned Papers

  •  Heavy Watercolor Paper to be used as Base   for Collage

  •  Scissors

  •  Glue Stick

  •  Pencil and Sketch Paper

  •  Your Choice of Apple or Pear Design

  •  Video Tutorial

  •  Written Guide



Magnetic Poster

Frame Hanger 

 This is quick assembly and easy use way to 8 inch frame and hang your collage. Clamp your finished piece in between the two wood pieces on top and bottom, held together magnetically. 

You will receive 2 sets

in each kit.

Fresh and Crisp:
Apple Still Life and Pear Still Life Paper Collage Kit Class

Keep Both Designs for Yourself or Collage
with a Friend.