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Macrame Tutorial

Making Knots 
Fall in Love with Fiber Arts
through Macrame  

Learn the most basic and versatile knots that will allow you to create unlimited designs

Create Beautiful Home Decor

Make 2 Wall Hangings or 1 Wall Hanging and  1 Table Runner

Discover the Joy of Creating Texture

Make it Unique with Your

Choice of Color

You will learn how to... 


-Make the 5 knots that are most commonly used in macrame

-Create a Beautiful Wall Hanging

-Create a Table Runner in your desired width and length 

-Easily Fix Simple Mistakes

-Add Color with Weaving

-Make Tassels and More

The Supplies

We want you to feel success!

Often the difference between a frustrating experience

    and a rewarding one is the quality of materials that are used.

With that in mind, we curate each kit with only the tools

                    and supplies that we enjoy using ourselves.                                 Everything is done for you so you don't have to worry

about buying the wrong things or not finding

what you need. 

What's Included...

  • 2-12 Inch Hanging Rods

  • Cream                           Spool of 3 mm       Cotton Macrame Cord

  • Your Color Choice  Spool of 3mm            Cotton Macrame Cord

  • Tapestry Needle

  • Scissors     

  • Video Instructions

  • Written Guide                                           



Because we love to throw in some extras...

When we think of macrame, we think of plants. Why? Because they always look good together and easily turn any space in your home, porch or even under a tree into a special spot to enjoy. With that in mind, we will include a beautiful handmade macrame indoor/outdoor plant hanger in your kit as a bonus.


We will pick out one of the styles for you, but if you see one here that you like best, send us a note and we will do our best  to include your favorite.  

Each plant hanger comes with a ceiling hook and an s hook as well as directions

for hanging.

Each Kit Comes with One spool of Cream Cord and One in the Color of Your Choice. Please Click Below and Choose a Second Color Before Placing Your Order.

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