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Bring Life to Your Art and   
Create with Ease

Painting with Watercolor and Stencils  

Discover the magic of watercolor

Learn Basic Techniques

Set your Image with the help of Designer Stencils

Practice Painting

9 Different Faces

Personalize Your Portrait

Create Layers of luminous Color


About the Instructor

Jennifer Evans is a mixed media artist and the owner of Periwinkle Art Studio in Lake Villa, Illinois. She has created this class for you and has designed the stencils that are included in the kit. It is her strongly-held belief that art provides benefits for all of us, beyond being a mere hobby. Creativity is easily accessible, and there is a never-ending well inside all of us. Art brings joy, expresses emotion, offers brain boosting benefits, and a host of other positive results -- and it's FUN!


Just got this kit! And WOW…I love everything. The way each item was wrapped and the extra goodies, well…it made my day. Best kit I have ever bought. Thank you. I’m looking forward to creating some gorgeous faces.

-Ginger M

You will learn how to... 

-Use Stencils to get your face on paper, without worry about proportions and shape

-Choose Which Colors to

Lay Down First

-Use Your Brush to "Sketch" 

-Use a Reference Photo to Make the Portrait Your Own

-Bring Natural Highlights

to the Page

-Fill in the Background and

Let the Water do the Work

-Add the Final Details 


We want you to feel success!

Often the difference between a frustrating experience

and a rewarding one is the quality of materials that are used. With that in mind, we curate each kit with only the tools and supplies that we enjoy using ourselves. Everything is done for you so you don't have to worry

about buying the wrong things or not finding

what you need. 

What's Included...

  • Stencil Girls' "Faces in the Crowd Stencils"

           (features 9 different faces)

  •  Pelikan Opaque Box with 24 colors 

  •  White Paint for mixing

  •  1 Small Watercolor Paint Brush 

  •  1 Medium Watercolor Paint Brush 

  •  Watercolor Paper

  •  Video Tutorial

  •  Written Guide



Because we love to throw in some extras...


Get an additional tool to make even more beautiful art with your watercolors.


As part of our launch of the Painting Faces with Stencils Kit Class, we are including an additional stencil


Use it to make flowers, butterflies, more faces, or abstract designs like you see here.  Add these elements to create cards, gift tags,

mixed media, and more.

The possibilities are endless!

Your bonus also includes a large paint brush and written instructions and inspiration. 



Your Kit Includes:

- Pelikan 24 Water Color Pallet and

Mixing Tray

-White Paint for Mixing

- Small Watercolor Paint Brush

-Medium Watercolor Paint Brush

-Large Watercolor Paint Brush

-Micron Pen size 01

-Micron Pen size 03

- Watercolor Paper

-"Faces in the Crowd' Stencil

-"ATC Mix Up" Stencil

- 2 Instructional Guides

- Video Tutorial



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