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Donna Downey

Simplified Portrait

Two Day Workshop

October 2-3

10 am - 4 pm

  • Complete 2 or more Simplified Portraits.

  • We will work from the same image provided for the first piece and then an individualized image (student choice) for additional pieces.

  • This workshop will be done in acrylics. 

  • We will not be striving for realism, instead focusing on the expressive quality of portraiture.

  • We will explore paint colors, skin tones, and color mixing.

  • Elements of the face and how they apply to facial expressions.

  • Portraits from different perspectives.

  • Defining the face through shadow and light.

  • Highlighting the stylistic differences each artist brings to their own painting​



Beverages and snacks throughout

Lunch both days


9 x 12 Canvases

Acrylic Paint

Paint Brushes

Palette Knife for mixing

Please Bring:

At least one reference photo to paint from.

Some tips for choosing a photo:

The image should be a simple headshot,

sometimes it helps to have a B&W

and color version to reference. 

If you crop the photo to 3x4 and then

print it to “fit the page” the dimensions

will be correct to work from.

About Donna

Empowering Artists to Realize Their Creative Potential

My work is evolutionary, an ever changing palette of colors in constant motion. As a painter, I find the process of applying paint to canvas a bit sexy. Intimately developing a relationship to the movement across the surface and losing myself in the strokes of color the brush leaves behind.

Because my art takes root in its color, I begin placing the colors like a map intuitively allowing the composition to reveal itself. The paintings develop in response to the energy created and it is as meditative as it is necessary to my personal connection to my art. I love a challenge of switching between media and it is not unusual to find me varying my canvas size from 6” to 6'.

et_480x480 (1).webp

About the Studio

We invite you to our intimate home studio located in the small town of Carlisle, Massachusetts. We are about a 40 minute drive from the Logan Airport  in Boston and a short drive from the historical towns of Lexington and Concord. We think October is the perfect time of year to be here when you can also enjoy the brilliant Fall foliage!


New England

Our small town of Carlisle does not have any hotels but we are only a short drive away from Concord. Historic Concord is has several hotels, restaurants and cultural events all within walking distance from one another.

Use this link to see what is

available to you.

You may want to stay a few days!

October is a spectacular and very popular time to visit Massachusetts so please don't wait to book your stay. 

Concord is the perfect place to stay alone or with friends. 

Here are some options for you:



Donna Downey

Simplified Portrait

Two Day Workshop



Contact Me
Suzan Baldoumas Studio and Creative Community

40 Gormley Way

Carlisle, Ma 01741

Thanks for submitting!

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