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  • Any color red, inexpensive acrylic paint to prime canvas

  • Paint colors (Either acrylic or oil)

    • Titanium White

    • Raw Umber or Burnt Umber

    • Yellow Ochre

    • Cadmium or Pyrrole Red

  • Paintbrushes.  I like a size 4, 6 and/or 8 Filbert. Maybe a detail round size 2, but I always recommend using what you have on hand and not buying anything new for the workshop.

  • At least one reference photo to paint from. Some tips for choosing a photo:

    • The image should be a simple headshot, sometimes it helps to have a B&W and color version to reference.  If you crop the photo to 3x4 and then print it to “fit the page” the dimensions will be correct to work from.

  • If painting in Acrylic:

    • Golden OPEN acrylic medium (optional, but this keeps your paint workable and easier to blend longer)

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