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Watercolor and Acrylic Paint Classes for Beginners and Open Studio Sessions for Ongoing Practice

More in studio classes coming in 2021



Donna Downey

Simplified Portrait

Two Day Workshop


  • Complete 2-6 Simplified Portraits.

  • We will work from the same image provided for the first piece and then an individualized image (student choice) for additional pieces.

  • This workshop can be done in acrylics or oils (or both).

  • We will not be striving for realism, instead focusing on the expressive quality of portraiture.

  • We will explore paint colors, skin tones, and color mixing.

  • Elements of the face and how they apply to facial expressions.

  • Portraits from different perspectives.

  • Defining the face through shadow and light.

  • Highlighting the stylistic differences each artist brings to their own painting.

We will be scheduling this event soon. If you would like to be one of the first to know, please send us an email and you will get an early notification.

Get Creative - Color Palette Inspiration

and 8 weeks of Making

This class was created to first show you how you can use color as a prompt to make art. So often, the thing that gets us stuck is not knowing where to start. We will begin by showing you how to use color as a guide. Then we will teach you about color mixing and creating palettes. You will choose a palette and we will give you everything that you need to create beautiful crafts using that palette. The instructions are online so you can watch them at your own pace but we will also be creating together in our live online crafting circles. We will be weaving, embroidering, making art with paper, and needle felting. What better way to enjoy the winter months at home! 

Online Class

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