Suzan Baldoumas

Studio and Creative Community

Connect with yourself and with
others through art, craft and writing.


You are invited to come as you are and join us to learn a new craft,  art technique,  practice painting or start your memoir!  We offer you the time, space and encouragement to it.


The studio and community is for everyone.  If you are an artist, a writer or a creative, it is for you. If you don't think that you are creative, it is for you too.  In time, you will discover that you really are!

The only thing more fun than making beautiful things is doing it with friends!

I hope to see you in the studio or in one of our online classes very soon. 



If you have been to the studio, you may already know the one question that we get asked more than just about anything else...


Did you make

that garland?


The answer is yes, and you can make one too. In fact the ones you see here were made by a member of our last online class!


These felted wool balls are adorned with dots and stripes and flowers and plaids and swirls and other fun designs.

Learn how to

make your


Felted Ball Garland.


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