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It's creative joy in a box! Thank you!

A friend and I got together last weekend and had the *best* time doing the Gelli Paint Printing Kit Class!
So much fun!

Karen Takashima, Columbus, OH


Hello! I'm Suzan.

It's my mission is to share the joy of making and creating by hosting live, in-person workshops and offering fully supported kit classes. 


I am dedicated to making this a beautiful experience by providing the tools, materials & expert instruction needed to make and create projects that inspire and fulfill the creative spirit.


The workshops and kit classes are designed for all creators, at every level... even if you think "I'm not creative" this is for you!


Collaborating with only the best artist/maker instructors, and providing kits with high-quality tools, and materials results in the best creative experience for you. Each kit is packed with care to make it the perfect gift for you or a friend.

Happy Creating!

It's the most thoughtful, creative
birthday present I've ever received! 

My sister gave me the Botanical Plaster Casting Kit Class
for my birthday 
and I loved doing it with her! Thank you!

Louise Nystrom, Ohio

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