Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

The Story That You Want To Tell

with Nancy West


February 8

10 am -2 pm

What is the story that you want to tell? Do you want to start your memoir, or record on paper the stories your grandmother told you about her childhood? Is there a novel you’ve sketched out a hundred times in your mind – but never with an actual pencil? Perhaps there is a specific experience that you want to commit to written word: a travelogue, an account of what it was like to train for a marathon or undergo treatment for an illness. Let’s take 4 hours to sit down together and figure out what it is that we want to write. Nancy will help you to organize your thoughts by providing cues to get you started. While not required, you will have a chance to share your thoughts with others as well as get and give feedback in this group. Let us help you start to write! Invite a friend to join you and you will receive a discount on the cost of the class.

Lunch is included.

Please brink a notebook, laptop or whatever device you like to use when you write.


You and a Friend